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Growscroll Hanging Instructions

You will need: Step ladder/Stool, Masking tape, Tape measure, Permanent Marker & hook with instructions to hang your Growscroll

1. Select a special location in your home for your Growscroll

*Have a small piece of masking tape ready on your hand

2. Using a tape measure, measure 160cm or a comfortable height from the floor and mark this measurement on the wall with the masking tape

*Have a step ladder or stool ready against the wall
*Have the second small piece of masking tape ready on your hand

3. Completely unroll your Growscroll on the floor then hold the adhesive hook onto the black hanging cord. With the Hook in place carefully move the unrolled Growscroll up against the wall (using step ladder) and line up the 160cm or chosen masking tape measurement to the 160cm mark on the Growscroll. This will ensure your Growscroll is hung at the correct height. Mark the hook location using the second piece of masking tape on the wall directly above the top of the hook. Move Growscroll away from the wall and place somewhere safe.

4. Stick adhesive hook onto wall using your masking tape guide and the adhesive hook instructions. ( ensure to wait designated time for adhesive to stick )

5. Hang your Growscroll on the hook & place a Permanent Marker in the holder. Sit back and admire your work then commence recording your family’s growth.

We would love to see photos of you using the Growscroll! Feel free to email them to us or tag #growscroll

All the best, In These Moments Team – sales@inthesemoments.com.au


Growscroll Video Tutorial: